March 1st

1. We are looking to initiate a monthly lunch serving schedule in Clarendon, similar to the one in Croghan. It will be on the first Sunday of the month from May-October. Bro. Bob Goric will be organizing it. Please contact Bro. Bob if you are interested in participating. 

2. On Wednesday evening, March 11, there will be a general singing in the assembly in place of services while the new sound system is being installed. The singing will begin at 7:30.

3.  If you were not able to make it to the mens meeting this past week, the recording is available on our church website. The link for that is . If you would like the survey that was handed out or would be interested in signing up for one of the small group meetings, please contact Bro. Warren Zahner. 

4. Connor Hany, Lydia Welti and Jeremy Zahner were announced for baptism. Their testimonies will be on Saturday, April 18th at 6:30 PM and baptisms on Sunday, April 19th.