In 1868, shortly after the Civil War had ended, several Apostolic Christians migrated to our area from Switzerland to work in the textile trade.  Some of the first families were silk weavers and found work in the mills of Rockville. Soon other believers followed their footsteps and moved to the area and the small church began to grow.

As other families immigrated from Europe, they settled in Ellington where the farmland was fertile. In 1891, having out grown the homes they were meeting in, the first church was built on Fox Hill in Rockville.  With a church membership of about 150, the Fox Hill building was quickly outgrown and in 1899 a church was built on Orchard Street in Ellington. This served the congregation until 1954, when a new church was built in Ellington where it stands today. An addition in 1961 provided more Sunday School rooms for the growing church.

In 1995, the current building was expanded and renovated. A new sanctuary and fellowship area were added to the west while the lunch room and Sunday School assembly were expanded.