January 12th

1.  It is again time to schedule groups of visitors to serve lunch in the Croghan-Naumburg congregation. This is on the 3rd Sunday of the month. It runs from February-November. If you are interested you can contact Bro. John Virkler or consult the church website or bulletin board.

2. The Annual Business Meeting will be held next Sunday, January 19 at 7 PM. This is not a member meeting. All are invited to attend. 

3.  It is important that we do not enter the Longview Village facility if we don't have a reason or authorization to be there. This is for everyone's safety.  Additionally, the Ellington Fire Department will be using the building for training on Thursday and Friday this week.

4. Starting on Wednesday evening we will hear the first of the conference recordings, beginning at 7 PM. They will be played every other Wednesday evening. 

5. On January 25th at 7 PM there will be a meeting regarding The Appropriate Appreciation of our Traditions, Practices and Customs. All are invited to attend. Additionally, there will be a meeting for Sisters on February 22nd and for Brothers on February 24th, both at 7 PM, as a follow up to the seminar conducted by ACCFS. Bro. Warren Zahner will be coordinating the meeting for the Brothers and Sisters Ashley Lanz and Nancy Willis will be coordinating the Sisters meeting.