April 5th

1. Thank you from the Fulop, Gasser and Maibach families for your prayers, love and support during the illness and passing of Sis. Lizzie Gasser. 

2. There will be a Covid 19 Update from Bro. Brent Walder and Bro. Jon Zahner this evening at 7 PM. This will be available to hear live on AC Central, Zoom, and our regular dial in line.

3. We will be continuing on with devotions on Tuesday and Friday mornings at 9AM.

4. There will be no Wednesday evening services this week and we will have Good Friday services on Friday with singing beginning at 7PM with a full service.

5. The baptisms that were scheduled for the weekend of April 18 and 19 are postponed.  If we are able to be together the weekend of May 30 and 31 we will plan to have the proving, baptisms and Holy Communion that weekend.

6.  As you know, we have several HarvestCall relief efforts underway to support COVID-19 needs in our community.  In addition, a number of new requests have emerged over the last week or so.  To help address these and future needs, we are setting up a system to manage and assign organizers and resources as needs arise.  If you become aware of any new needs, please contact Sis Carla Lanz [who will lead the evaluation of the need and assign a project lead].  

With these increased requests, we also have a need for additional volunteers.  If you have available capacity to help with COVID-19 efforts — even if you are already on another distribution list — we ask that you contact Sis Lori Bahler [who will be maintaining a master list of COVID-19 volunteers].  We have a specific need for project coordinators to organize and lead specific projects, and we have a large general need for those with a willing set of hands ready to learn and work.

We recognize that many of you are already involved or are at full capacity ministering to other daily needs and duties.  We appreciate all that you are doing and in no way do we want this to feel like pressure to take on more than is healthy for you.