April 19th

1. Thank you from Sis Sherry LaPlante and Karen Shamback for all the prayers, support and kind deeds done for them at the passing of their sister Judy Wilkie.

2. Several weeks ago we conducted a memorial service for the father of Dr. Charlie Bizilj.  We received a note under the signature of Charlie, his wife Leslie, and his mother, which reads as follows:  "We again extend heartfelt thanks to the entire congregation for helping with Dad’s memorial! God bless and protect all of you."

3.  We are looking for someone to write for the silver lining every other month starting with the June article. If you are interested, please let Bro Kevin know by May 3rd.

4.  Updates from HarvestCall

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, HarvestCall has cloth face masks available to all of our church family.  Given that the governor has now asked all CT residents to wear protective masks when out in public in the coming weeks, we want to provide another opportunity for anyone in need to get one.  On Monday, April 20, from 10am to noon, cloth face masks will be available for pickup at the north entrance of church.  If you are unable to come but are in need of a mask, please contact Sis Carole (Kloter) Bahler  at 860-716-8580.  After this week, we will assume you have what you need and will distribute our remaining supply of masks to others in need in our community.

Thank you to the many who responded to the recent request for volunteers.  All immediate needs have been met, so if you did not get a call-back yet please know that you are on the list going forward.  We now have a good sense of available capacity, and will tap into our volunteer list if and when new needs emerge.

5. There will be Wednesday evening services this week at 7:30.

6. We will be continuing on with devotions on Tuesday and Friday mornings at 9AM.