October 28th

1.  Harvest Call will be held this Thursday from 9 AM to Noon. Evening hours have been suspended at this time.

2.  The Memorandum will be read on Saturday November 10th starting at 7 PM.  This is a member meeting and our converts are invited to attend.

3.  The nominating committee will be passing out the paperwork for those who wish to give input to the nominations for various church offices on November 4th. Please return those by November 18th.

4.  Anyone who has any items to be handled at the Annual Meeting to be held in January, please give that information to Bro. Kevin Ryan by December 1st.

5.  Next Sunday begins the Fall Collection for Harvest Call and other National Church programs for the month of November.

6.  We are working to eliminate this weekly email and move all of the information to the church website by year end.  Here is the church website address ellingtonacchurch.org to help you become familiar with the site.

7.  Last evening a group of Brothers and Sisters met with some of the Brothers working with the Vision Purpose Committee.  A list of the ones attending will be on the bulletin board on Wednesday night and any who would have questions can ask those who were there to hear what was covered.  In January after the Elder Forums, Bro. Kevin plans to go over the information from last night along with an update from the forums.

8.  Next Sunday, November 4th is the adult Sunday school class at 9AM.

9.  A reminder that the time changes next weekend so we should turn our clocks back an hour Saturday night.