October 20

1.  There will be a General Singing on Saturday evening, October 26, in the Fellowship Hall at 7:30.

2.  Harvest Call will hold its bi-weekly meeting this Thursday October 24 from 9 -12. The sisters on the Harvest Call committee are also looking for someone to volunteer who would be interested in joining the committee in January 2020. If you are interested please talk to Sis. Carla Lanz, Sis. Sheila Gerber or Sis. Carole (Kloter) Bahler.

3. Sis. Bev Gerber would like to make an expression of her deep appreciation for all the love and support shown to her during her recovery. May the Lord bless each one.

Here is the link for the talk by Bro. Fred Witzig that was mentioned in the memorandum 

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