November 10th

1.  This Friday, November 15, the National Apostolic Christian Building Advisory Committee will be meeting here in Rockville. If you are interested in observing the meeting, please contact Bro. Dale Gerber.

2.  The All Church Traveling Christmas Caroling will be on Saturday, December 14, at 5:30 pm. All are invited. If you plan to attend, please sign up using the link below or on the bulletin board, to help with the planning for the evening. Additionally, if you have someone who would enjoy being visited and sung to, please contact one of the song leaders.

Sign up for Traveling Christmas Caroling

3.  The family of Bro. Leon Graf would like to make an expression of thanks for the prayers, kind words and love shown to them during Bro Leon's declining health and in his passing. May God bless each one.

4.  The Longview Village trustees are planning to open LVV for anyone who would like to put their name on items they are interested in. Following are the instructions from the trustees.

Longview Village Repurposed Items Instructions

1. On Saturdays November 16 & 23 from 8-12 and Tuesday evening November 19th from 6-8, the trustees will be at LVV for anyone who would like to walk through and assign their name to any items.

2. Contact any of the LVV trustee brothers to assign your name to an item of interest.

3. If more than one person is interested in the same item, the trustees will then contact all interested people for you to place a bid in a sealed envelope. This will happen after 11/23/2019. The highest bidder will be assigned to the item.

4. The trustees are recommending a donation be made to the Apostolic Christian Church (memo: LVV) for whatever amount you feel the item is worth to you.

5. The trustees will let the individual know when the item will be available to take from LVV. NO ITEMS WILL BE REMOVED BEFORE 12/2/2019

6. YOU are responsible for removing all assigned items in a safe and timely manner.

7. If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact one of the trustees below


Jeff Hunt, Nate Zahner, Ron Gerber, Dave Schneider, Ed Garrow

For the ease and timeliness in carrying out of this process, please make all requests made known by 11/23/2019