March 3rd

1.  Harvest Call will be holding a clothing drive March 11 to March 27. Please see the notice on the bulletin board for details.

2.  The month of March will be for our Spring collection which was moved up as was previously announced.  Funds from this collection will go to Life Points, ACCFS and possibly some others.  In May there will be a collection for the expansion that the Philadelphia church is undergoing.

3.  We look forward to welcoming Bro. John and SIs. Maria Dowd into our brotherhood on Saturday, March 30th.

4.  Additional coordinators are needed to organize a trip to visit the Croghan-Naumburg congregation each month for fellowship and to serve the Sunday lunch. beginning with next weekend.  Please see Bro. John Virkler.

5.  This coming week, the Elders will meet in Smithville, OH.  Please be prayerful for these Brothers.