Online Sunday School Information 

Sunday School tomorrow will be conducted online beginning at 1:00.  Our Superintendent Bro Jon Moser will be sending parents and students an additional e-mail with details and a link to the online Sunday School. This link will take you to the main Sunday School online hub.  Students should log in at 12:50. 

Message from Superintendent Bro. Jon Moser


I want to provide an update on how we are approaching Sunday school over the next few weeks/months. To start I would like to thank everyone for the "txt" and kind words over the past days and weeks. We have a wonderful opportunity to serve and be a light in this world.

Our goal as teachers is to have each class in Sunday School online using a product called Zoom. Please login early (12:50 PM) to your class to make sure you do not have technical difficulties. If you have questions on how to login please click this link.

Please be patient with us .... and pray for the students and teachers as we embark upon a new online journey. Also, this past week our teachers from Pre-School through 4th grade should have dropped some material off at your residences. If you are missing some information or have questions please contact the lead teacher in your respective classes.