HarvestCall: Food Support Efforts

Freezer Meals:

We are striving to have these freezers full of these meals for anyone who may be out of work, isolated, or working in the healthcare field etc. As of March 21, we have less than a half of a freezer full of ready-to-eat meals at church. On March 23 a second freezer is coming. 

There are several cooking groups being organized to make sure our freezers stay full. Volunteers for any of the food related activities should reach out to Sis. Cindy Virkler (860-205-9493) by text so she can guide your efforts. We may need to take a different approach in the near future if the government puts out stricter regulations. 

Sis. Tina Schneider (860-593-5930) or Jeanie Hany (860-324-5984) arrange the distribution of these meals, so please contact them if you know of a family who has a need for food. These sisters are in contact with Bro. Jon Zahner about best practices and latest protocols and they will provide guidance to any volunteers.

Grocery Shopping & Prescription Pick Up:

Sis. Janis Moser (860-324-2520) is working to coordinate grocery shopping and prescription pick up services for those 65+ or with special needs.  Please contact her if you know of a need or would like to be a shopper.