May 5th

1.  We would like to invite any child that will be 4 years old by the end of 2019 to be in our Preschool class. The signup will be on the bulletin board for a few weeks. The new Sunday School classes will begin on June 16th after the Sunday School picnic.

2.  Please return the surveys that were passed out last weekend to either Bro. Ben Wiegand or Bro. Kevin in a sealed envelope by the 12th of May.  There will be a box at church on Wednesday night and Sunday for you to put them in.

3.  There is a need for someone to coordinate serving lunch in Croghan on May 26th.  Please contact Bro. John Virkler if you are able to take that weekend and serve lunch for the brethren there.

4.  On Saturday, May 11th there will be committal services held in Croghan for both Sis. Celia Virkler and  Sis. Carolyn Virkler.

5.  Thank you from Bro Joe Koch and his family for the kindness shown to them at the passing of his father, Bro. Vernon Koch.

6.  John Cerrigione's father passed away recently.  Our sympathy is with John and Heidi.  Please consult the papers for the arrangements for his funeral.

7. There will be a meeting on Tuesday, May 21st at 7pm in the LVV fellowship hall, educational in nature, pertaining to end of life decisions around orders necessary to ensure that families can provide care of their loved ones, honoring their wishes. Specifically DNR(do not resuscitate) and Nurse Pronounce orders. These are orders which must be in place to avoid having to call 911 and have an investigation take place at the death of our loved ones. Our local visiting nurse association provides this educational meeting. All are welcome to attend